Adler 267-273HU

Used Adler 267-273HU industrial 2 needle (double needle) lockstitch walking foot sewing machine. Currently equipped with a 10mm gauge set (needle space). 30″ long arm for larger projects. Has reverse feed. Integrated bobbin winder. Stitch length regulator.

Machine was refurbished at W.S. Bessett by a trained technician. Sews great. Selling as a head only. A table, motor, and pedals can be added upon request.

Can be picked up locally or shipped via freight. If being shipped, the head will be strapped to a pallet for stability.


Consew 199RBL-30-1A

Single Needle Drop Feed Zig Zag lockstitching industrial sewing machine. This version has a 30″ workspace, perfect for larger projects. It can also be used as a straight stitch machine by changing the Zig Zag width to 0. The machine is a great fit for sewing tents, parachutes, canvas, bags, joining, and marine applications. Equipped with a 550 watt (3/4 HP equivalent) servo motor with needle position sensor. The servo motor makes it very easy to control speed at the beginning and end of the work. Maximum sewing speed is 2000 stitches per minute. The motor control has settings for maximum sew speed, needle positioning (Up/Down), and slow start stitches.

The machine comes completely assembled with table, motor, bobbin winder, thread stand, accessory drawer, and manuals. Every machine sold from W.S. Bessett Inc. has been sewn off before shipment.

Key Features:

Large Horizontal Axis Bobbin

Locking Zig Zag Stitch Width Regulator

Reverse Feed

Long arm 30″ work space between needle and casting

3/8″ Maximum Zig Zag Stitch Width

Straight Stitch when Zig Zag Width set to 0


Machine Specifications:

Number of Needles: 1

Feed Type: Drop Feed

Maximum Sew Speed: 2000 S.P.M

Maximum Stitch Length: .200″ (5mm)

Maximum Stitch Width: 3/8″ (9.5mm)

Presser Foot Lift Height: 15/64″ (6mm)

Work Space: 30″ Long Arm

Needle System: 135 x 17