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These are a replacement set of presser feet made here in the U.S.A at W.S. Bessett Inc. These are designed to fit the Durkopp Adler 467 and 767 industrial walking foot sewing machines. They will also fit a Durkopp Adler 867 up to a 9mm stitch length.

Precision machined from a solid piece of steel, properly tempered, and  expertly finished to ensure correct fit and long life.

The outside (presser or lifting) foot has a curled toe. The bottom of the foot has teeth machined into it for proper grip on the material. This prevents the material from slipping, eliminating uneven stitching. These can be custom ordered with a coarse tooth profile for extra gripping power on tough to feed material. Also available with a smooth bottom for fine leather or vinyl work.

The inside (vibrator) foot has a closed toe configuration for better rigidity and less needle deflection. This foot has teeth machined into the toe to help climb over bulky material. The bottom of the foot has a smooth surface (no teeth) to prevent marking. A relief is milled into the bottom of the foot to create space for the thread. This helps stitch formation as the thread isn’t being improperly pinched. The rear profile is designed to release the material smoothly after the stitch is formed. These can be custom ordered with different teeth location or with a split toe.

Compatible with Durkopp Adler part numbers 467-22-004-3 and 467-22-001-3.

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